Our Process

With an emphasis on freshness, flavour and originality, here’s a little look into the creative processes behind our menus:

Step 1: Whats in season?

What's in season?

Head Chef Andrew Wilkinson visits with and speaks to our suppliers to hand pick only the freshest of produce which is at its absolute best. 

Step 2: Suitable flavour partners?

Suitable flavour partners?

Inspired by his produce, Andrew and his team consider other ingredients to complement and enhance the working dish.

Step 3: How can we create balance?

How can we create balance of flavour and ingredients?

Cooking begins, expertly combining the natural intensity of fresh flavour found within our raw ingredients with the knowledge and passion of our chefs to develop outstanding menus. 

Step 4: How can we present the dish?

How can we present the dish?

Although simplicity is key, time is spent considering the best way to present the dish, delicately placing ingredients to create a beautiful plate of food. 


Passion and high standards

Daily briefs to our front of house staff keep our team fully informed about our menus, suppliers and seasonal choices and allow us to present you with dishes we are proud to create and serve. 

Step 6: How does it eat?

How does it eat?

Andrew spends time tasting and refining new dishes to ensure all elements work, modifying the flavours, textures and cooking processes until the finished plate reaches his high standards. Only then will it be added to our menu. 

Make an enquiry

Call us on 0191 260 5411 to make a reservation or to chat with a member of our team. 

Our Menus

Our menus change on a monthly basis with our dishes created around market availability and seasonal variation. Speak with a member of our team if you wish to discuss any special requests or you wish to host a celebration with us. 

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